CFX Opus 96
The CFX Opus delivers sensitive, reliable detection of both singleplex and multiplex real-time PCR reactions.
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The refrigerated microcentrifuge, 1730R is a "must-have" item for molecular and cellular lab works with max speed of 17,000 rpm (27,237 xg).
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Nanodrop Spectrophotometer
Quickly quantify DNA, RNA, and protein from only 1–2 µL of sample with Thermo Scientific NanoDrop Spectrophotometers. Most accurate and fast assessments of sample concentration and purity.
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Zeiss Microscope
Cutting-Edge Microscopy -
Ideal solution for your tasks and applications from a broad spectrum of light, confocal, electron and X-ray microscopes.
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Sartorius Balances
A broad portfolio of high precision laboratory balances from ultra-micro-balances to high capacity solutions
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